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More things about pizza and other things we didn't tell you

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Erin really worked up an appetite at her new modeling gig...

erin_statue.jpg This pedestal was left in the center of a home in Pompei and who wouldn't take the opportunity to act like they were important enough to be chizzled out of stone.

Pompei was the vacation town for the rich Romans. It was a whole city unto itself surrounded by a brick wall. In the city, surrounded by mountains (and seemingly harmless volcanos), sections were dedicated to different activities. There was the "restaurant" area, the "shopping" street and the food markets. But all of it was no more than a half a mile wide (no yards obviously). Most of the streets were pedestrian and the ones that were for carriages, you could see (and sprain and ankle on) the carriage treads in the stones. The homes had a common room that had a huge hole cut out of the ceiling for light and then the bedrooms and other rooms were situated off the main room so they could benefit from the light. Some of the rich had huge fountains and gardens in their house. There were several amphitheatres, circus maximus, colosseum and other forms of raunchy Roman entertainment.

After Mt. Vesuvius and Pompei we were crazy, tired, dirty and so, so hungry. We headed to the most acclaimed pizza place in all of Naples only to discover a crowd of about 50 people standing outside waiting to get in for a table. Devin, in a moment of brilliance, thought "take out." She ran inside and learned that "take away" would only be a five minute wait. Eating on the sidewalk was not considered shameful if you had seen us. Acting like we weren't filthy and trying to go in to sit down and eat might have been more shameful.

In the 5 minute wait for our pizza, Devin made friends with all the men who made our pizza. They let her take pictures of them and with them AND they invited her into their kitchen where the magic happens.


It really was magic. The pizza was actually smaller than it looked in the picture. There were only four slices and they were so glorious. It was the sauce really. It was so fresh and had such a unique flavor. Devin and I agreed that the fresh, fresh ingredients just really go a long way. The sauce was sweet and the crust was slightly crunchy but firm and chewy in some parts (but not spongy like America pizza) it was more light and airy like a good pita bread.

Important details that we needed to add to our Naples adventures because we are neurotic and soon we will start telling y'all what outfits we were wearing and how many times we brushed our teeth (not really but if we do, please send us a personal email and tell us to come home straight away). Today we actually had the experience of not remembering what country and city we were in the night before (It was Amalfi, Italy and now we are in Athens, Greece - luckily it only lasted a few minutes and in our defense it took us 14 hours, 3 buses, 3 trains, and 1 boat to travel between the two places)

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Thanks to both you and Erin I feel as though I'm right there with you (can't believe I have a taste for pizza at 7:00am)Way to work the take-out angle. This is the cheapest vacation I've ever been on.

by Devins Dad

Since it hasn't cost me one cent!

by Devins Dad

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